Tailored for Water Well Drilling

Ryder is proud to be the only member of the A.W.W.D.A. representing the insurance industry. Over the last 12 years we have become very experienced with the industry from an insurance stand point and have developed a tailor-made insurance program that fits the needs of this industry. We believe that a hand’s on approach with your Risk Management strategy allows us to offer you the best rates and most complete coverage as well as give you unmatched service. Whether you’re drilling a 1500 ft. well in the Paris basin or performing a hydro-fracturing on Victoria Island we can cover you insurance needs at the best price.

Water Well drilling can often cross into the oil and gas industry, be it cathodic protection, surface casings or actual drilling of oil and gas, we insured that any oil related needs can be made a part of this program. For a free review of your current program or for more information on our program please feel free to contact us.

Highlights include:

  • Single Occurrence Deductible
  • Forest Fighting Coverage
  • Risk Management & Commercial Insurance Package
  • Oil & Gas related exposure coverage
  • Worldwide coverage territory
  • Multiple Locations coverage
  • As well as many value added services:
  • Contract Reviews & Loss Prevention advice
  • 24 hour Customer & Claim Service
  • Yearly Policy Reviews & Full Market Analysis
  • ISN Networld Uploads
  • Commercial General Liability Limits up to 25+ million
  • Contractors Equipment
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Ice and Muskeg Coverage
  • All Risks Coverage
  • Replacement Cost on Contractor’s Equipment that is newer than 3 or 5 years
  • Loss of income due to damage to your drill rig
  • Limited pollution or Full pollution Coverage available
  • Automobiles & Attached Equipment

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